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National Day


providing a space for employees to celebrate national day in the uae.


I was tasked in helping dress a community area within the EAA office in Abu Dhabi.​ The aim was to create a refreshed and contemporary space to help employees connect with the values and spirit of national Day and can evolve over time to keep EAA employees engaged.  

In the heart of the EAA break room a wooden model of a Ghaf tree with acrylic leaves  designed to slot onto the branches and add to the trees growth. Over the weeks the Ghaf ttree will 'grow', welcoming people to meet and discuss their experiences around it. Like its cousins living in the desert, this model tree will become a gathering place that encourages exchange and embodies the importance of listening and understanding in Emirati culture.

The four colours of leaves representing the tones of the UAE flag. Each colour representing an answer to the questions the employees are asked over 4 weeks. 

The wall installation  provides a national day themed backdrop to the room. With a cut out lettering of 'Celebrate our Spirit' as a uplifting call for each employee to celebrate the National Day celebration. Having LED strips behind this temporary wall provides the opportunity to change the mood of the room through different lighting states whilst being visually capturing. 


To reveal this activation in an intriguing and exciting way, I designed a simply-wrapped acrylic leaf with a short message to each employee. The 'desk drop' ensures that every member of EAA's team is invited to discover the tree on its first day in the break room. By conveying the purpose of the activity and directly distributing the leaves, we will foster a sense of curiosity that encourages EAA team members to seek out the installation and take part. 

Throughout the four weeks of the activation, responses to the questions will be discreetly recorded and collated. Following National Day, a selection of the most touching and inspiring messages and promises are shared with the wider team by email.  I designed the leaf pattern with the same leaf shapes of the wall and tree. It is traditional for gifts to be given to one another on National day. Gifting employees Ghaf tree seeds and caring instructions ensure the memories continue to live on past this activation. 

my role –

Leading Design, Visualising and Art working files for print.

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