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Cricket World Cup Fanzones


showed the uk that anyone
can play cricket anywhere


In 2019, the Cricket World Cup organising committee challenged us to create a city centre fanzone experience that would grow and diversify the sport across the UK. Our approach needed to strengthen connections with existing fans, but also invite new audiences to discover the sport – creating opportunities for 1,000,000 young people to connect with cricket during the tournament.


Our research showed that there is an underrepresented world of cricket in the UK – the cricket played on beaches and in backyards, in carparks and along corridors around the world. We proposed that it was this version of the sport, with fewer barriers to participation, that we needed to present to the public through the fanzone experience.


Our approach was grounded in the clear strategy – to show that anyone can play cricket anywhere. Our creative concept was ‘Street to Elite’ – a fanzone experience that would tell the story of cricket in new ways, celebrating the grassroots, amateur, community side of the sport as much as the elite professional game.


The patterns and layering approach for the Fanzone branding is inspired by the unique marks and symbols of cricket umpire score cards. Bringing these patterns into the environment to create playful and bold design, reflecting the exciting and playful nature of the Fanzone experience.


Throughout the World Cup, over 300,000 people visited fanzone sites. In local communities surrounding fanzones, cricket clubs saw a significant increase in participation. The Cricket World Cup organising committee asserted that we ‘changed perceptions of cricket by changing perceptions of fanzones’.

my role –

Supporting in the Design, Visualising, Art Working, Print Management
and Installation Management.

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