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Fire Brigade Union Folly Reception




My role was to help design an evening  reception for the Fire Brigade Union (FBU) to celebrate their 100 years of existenceDesign of the event had to consider the powerful traditions and values of the FBU as well as revealing a new brand design identity  reflecting the FBU's modern identity.


The new brand identity was developed keeping the union’s pride in its members in mind. The identity features imagery and illustrations from historic FBU books with a modern twist with imagery treatment in duo tones in their 2 brand colours being red and blue. Images always paired with inspirational FBU quotes.

Using hanging banners within the space accompanied with table runners, personalised menus, beer matts, mini exhibition space and pillar graphic wraps, integrating these with the existing venue aesthetic to establish a sense of familiarity to the guests from the union.


Inspiration into this brand identity was taken from their historic and well documented past. Using the FBU's first ever recruitment books and recruitment posters as a stepping stone by scanning and enhancing  images as well as vectorising illustrations so that they could both be brought back into their modern identity. Editing historic images with a duo tone of their brand colours helped convey the desired partnership of historic past and modern future of the union.

The mini exhibition that took place within this space was an opportunity to display the  extensive collection of fire fighter helmets and create a timeline which allowed guests to view how the helmets have developed and changed throughout time alongside the time line of the unions elected chairmen. 

my role –

Leading in the Design, Visualising, Art Working, Print Management
and Installation Management.

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