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Cornell Graduation Ceremony


a special day to remember for all


My design approach applies the Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar identity and draws on its warm tones. Brand colours, recognised typography, and the smooth forms of the brand icons will be applied throughout the collateral and in the environment. 

My Design boldly emphasises the Roman numeral identity of the Graduating Class for 2020: XIII. The e-invite design is partnered with a new print programme design, ensuring consistency between all materials received by staff, students and family.

The layered stage design of WMC-Q Graduations is becoming increasingly recognisable as an element in a highly professional and visually-effective annual Ceremony. I proposed evolving this format for a memorable visual environment that helps to foreground the achievements of the students in the Graduating Class at this important moment in their lives and careers. Layered stage elements also allow photographs which capture the emotional significance of the event to be taken from all angles.


The deign route for collateral emphasises the thirteenth Graduating Class within roman numerals. The connection of this design feature also transforms on the stage design with the large scale of the thirteen roman numbers. Representing the red on red to mimic the emboss print finish on the programme booklet.


The graduation takes place in May 2020. Visuals of the stage are used here to showcase my designs until professional photographs of the event have been captured. 

my role –

Leading in the Design, Visualising and Pitch Presentation to client.

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