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Samsung Life Unstoppable

House of Surprises


Rethinking the boundaries of customer experience by implementing a new approach to online consumer engagement. Viewers could watch and shop at the same time, not so much e-commerce but rather "e-xperience". Samsung also used the e-xperience to maximise reach – overcoming issues of scale inherent with activations limited to a physical location. 


Unlike purely physical experiential, in the e-xperience everything is measurable and trackable. From social time spent in the experience, to interactions, to direct sales on brands' websites. The data was fed directly into Samsung’s CRM providing invaluable insight. The blend of experience and e-commerce allowed us to measure the KPIs, creating a clearer correlation between the objectives and our solution. 

my role –

Supporting in the Design, Visualising, Designs for set dressing, Art Working.


Launched in 17 countries across Europe, it delivered a one-of-a-kind customer experience, where people were able to see exactly how products would fit into their daily lives. Smyle blended entertainment, experiential marketing and e-commerce to tailor the launch to consumer’s needs. Additionally, to reach people in this ‘most broadcast to erra’, you have to be creative, you have to find new ways of telling stories, because we're in experience, marketing, brand and PR. We're storytellers.

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