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Chop Chop




I had fun creating a book that aims to inform the reader about the history and facts about chopsticks. As well as demonstrating new ways to create things with them and demonstrate how their use is not limited to just eating with them. What surprises me most is that not many people know how to use chopsticks, very few people in western culture in fact. So this book is a great beginners guide to chopsticks as well as being a great book for a chopstick fan. There are so many beautiful designs that chopsticks come in, you can truly pick one that in captures you. There are some obvious and some not obvious manners and etiquette regarding chopsticks, and this book will teach you some valuable lessons to make you a master at chopsticks. Traditional Japanese binding with a twist, a wrap around cover adding a fun touch.

my role –

Editorial design, Illustration, Writing, Research, photography.

background –

My parents lived in Asia before I was born and I’ve always grown up with the chopsticks being as important in the kitchen as a knife and fork.

printing & binding –

Printing done by the excellent Taylor Brothers. Binding was an exposed spine with a fold-over cover done by the equally talented Bristol Book Binding.

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